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Access a world of creative and modern aviation solutions. Assess the potential of opportunities and solutions destined to the aviation industry.

In the past 15 years, AiRCRAFT FORMULA has been engaged by large industries and private equity firms to advise and accompany strategic aviation developments, international ventures and investments. 

25 years of specialised experience in the aviation industry have supported the focus and the selection of strategies towards the development of new products, new services and sustainable large investments in the areas of helicopter manufacturing, helicopter operating services and in the development of new solutions for the lease-finance of helicopters. 

Independent Thinking. From Vision to Concept. From Concept to Reality.

  1. Access a world of creative and modern aviation solutions and forecasts.
  2. Assess the potential of opportunities and solutions to be applied to the Aviation industry.
  3. From creativity to aviation experience, our success Formula is built on the three core values of our company: Entrepreneurship, Excellence and Partnership.


* Address the high-growth and high-potential markets and establish presence, especially China and South East Asia. AiRCRAFT FORMULA supports the selection of markets, regions and supports the establishment of the most adapted commercial structure.

* Generate value from new technologies.

* AiRCRAFT FORMULA builds market perspectives and supports the vision and selection of strategy and strategic product differentiators.

* Establish leadership position, enter new markets, new projects.

* AiRCRAFT FORMULA builds a task force team, most appropriate, knowledgeable and with immediate operational know-how and solutions.

* Explore new partnerships

* Enter the network of AiRCRAFT FORMULA and benefit from a worldwide access to the best experts, niche players, markets, commercial projects and clients